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Help with Low Self Confidence

What causes low self-confidence?

A low level of self-confidence can often be caused by the way that someone thinks about him or herself, often in a negative way (so called 'negative thoughts'or 'unhelpful thoughts').

When these 'unhelpful thoughts'start to happen, they can have a big effect on how the person sees him or herself. This can have a particularly dramatic effect if those 'unhelpful thoughts'become 'cyclic'. This means that they happen frequently, repeatedly, and the person's feelings about his or herself can quickly start to spiral downwards.

Low self-confidence can be closely related to social anxiety

The term 'social anxiety'loosely describes any fear where the person worries about what someone might think of them. When someone worries about what someone else thinks, it's often caused (or made worse) by the person themselves having a low opinion of their own abilities (low self-confidence), so low self-confidence and social anxiety can often go hand-in-hand.

Dealing with social anxiety...

The term 'social anxiety'can include a lot of different issues (the fear of public speaking, low self-confidence or self-esteem, difficulty socialising, dislike using the telephone, stage fright, fear of being judged, performance anxiety etc).

If you'd like help with any of these issues, or if you would just like to talk about how I can help you with social anxiety, then please get in touch via the Contacts page

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