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Depression is an exceedingly devastating complaint which affects not only the person, but also the people around them, including their friends, employment, their self esteem, family and, in due course, can restrict their enjoyment of life.

In the South-West and North Devon services are so stretched. Many sufferers with depression go through life without looking for help, thinking that depression is just part of their personality, but in reality, depression is especially treatable.

Depression can feel like a lonely place. In reality as many as one in six people suffer with some sort of depression during their lifetime. Hypnotherapy helps to develop a tool kit that can start to relieve the symptom's of depression.

The Symptoms of Depression

Although there are many different types of depression, and indeed, many different intensities of the symptoms of depression, there are some common symptoms of depression and depressive illness:

Constant feelings of sadness, loneliness or tensionInsomnia, either increased sleep, awaking early or unable to go to sleep; Fatigue, having less get-up-and-go and feeling drained all the time; A decrease in feelings of enjoyment when doing things they enjoyed in the past; Significant; weight loss or gain; Decreased ability to concentrate or remember; Increased negative thought; Inability to make decisions; Anxiety and/or panic attacks; Feeling hopeless and helpless; Inexplicable feelings of restlessness; Thoughts of having nothing to live for

Hypnotherapy for depression can really help you

The most important thing for you to understand right now is that depression can be resolved. By using hypnotherapy for depression we can help you change the thoughts and beliefs that sustain your depression. Hypnotherapy for depression is a natural way for you to return to happier life. It takes a bit of work which might seem a mountain for you to climb right now, but it will make you feel relaxed and comfortable, so that in fact, you will look forward to your hypnotherapy for depression sessions.

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