Hypnotherapy North Devon

Initial Consultation - Free

Subsequent appointments - £55 (sessions approx. 50-60mins)

Smoking Cessation - 1 Session £140 (approx. 90-110mins)

All prices include support relaxation CD.

Fee's payable at the end of each sessions at the moment by cash, cheque or bank transfer

No treatment takes place during the initial consultation, it is simply used to ascertain whether hypnotherapy is a suitable course of action and to explain how the process works, which also serves to dispel any myths!

Success is not guaranteed and full client commitment is important, such as listening to the relaxation/confidence building CD, for the sessions to be worthwhile. No magic wands are available unfortunately, so this means client participation is required. This will be fully explained at the Initial Consultation.

Sometimes cancellations are unavoidable. If you do need to cancel please do so as far in advance as possible to allow other clients space to book appointments. If you arrive late I will endeavour where ever possible to give you the full length of appointment.

North Devon Hypnotherapy